Saturday, February 4, 2017

Nine months, a family of 3

Sorry to any and all who expected a month by month update....such is the life of the second child.  No idea why my blog even crossed my mind tonight.  Maybe these two, sitting side by side, no room for me, watching a movie, writing on their clipboards and asking each other how to write "d's" and "t's." How life has changed in 9 months.  It took several months for any sort of normalcy to come about.  In the beginning it was extremely frustrating.   Mostly I was frustrated with M.  I mean this is what we had waited for for so long, right?  Every minute of the day was trying for a bit of time.  Then I realized that M had never had to compete for the morning hug, the toilet, the sink for brushing teeth and making it down the stairs with no race (this morning they walked down hand in hand.)  Now everything seemed to be a race or competition.  After a bit of empathy set in for me, things shifted.

We are currently 5+ months into kindergarten!  I am 5+ months into teaching at a new school that is in most ways TOTALLY different from my old school.  It's been a good year though, mostly.

Today C told me she was sad about summer coming!  Ha!  She was intrigued by walking out onto the ice on our neighborhood lake, to the island in the middle.  I took pictures so come this summer they could recall the fact that they had been out there!

These two are so very precious to me!  One has been my baby for more than 3 years.....well, 4 years since he has been in my arms.  The other has been in my heart and in my arms for just over a year and a half.  With all of the adoption preparation there

is really no preparing for all of the feelings that come along with it.  What a gift though, to me.  Always to me.  M and C are not the "lucky" or "blessed" ones and to anyone who continues to think so, give me a break.  Any given day I could write a novel. For tonight I just wanted to post a couple of crazy adorable pictures and continue watching "Zootopia" with them.  I am so very lucky, so very blessed.

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