Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Adoption #2

I received news today that my 2nd dossier was submitted into IBESR on November 26.  The process is different now.  There is a new law in Haiti concerning adoptions.  Last time, my dossier and Mackenley's went into IBESR (the FIRST and one of the BIGGEST steps in this process) together.  This time, my dossier is in and at some point it will be matched with a child and then I will be given that referral.  I will then go to Haiti for 2 weeks.  This is ANOTHER BIG change.   I do not know the time frame for all of this.  I am thrilled to have my dossier into IBESR and of course will be WAITING to get out next!  My next news will be the referral of a child...Mack's sibling!  Please keep all of this in prayer, especially as to the timing of everything.  Thanks!!!!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

2 months home

****twice I have tried to add pics and twice safari has shut for now, not pics :-(

By date on the calendar, today is the two month anniversary of Mack setting foot in the USA!  It's pretty hard to even think back to how things were in those first days and weeks.

Currently he is sound asleep in his own bed with his monkey and Snoopy.  Bed time is sooooooo sweet now.  We read Good Night Moon and the Runaway Bunny in my bed (although tonight we read The Story of Christmas), then we pray (how he folds his hands the ENTIRE time I pray, which is often a long time, and how he has his own things to pray too) and then we sing Jesus Loves Me (to which he sings along now) Jesus loves the little children and Jesus Name Above All Names, before setting him into bed.  Tonight he didn't get out.  Most nights he gets up once or twice and I no longer need to put him back, I simple say "THREE, TWO..." and his little feet run him back and under the covers he goes :-)

He repeats EVERYTHING and talks away in Creole.  On the way home from school each day I go through the colors and names of people we love.  He repeats everything fairly clearly.  Yesterday I got to my aunt Jackie and he says, "Jackie."  I say, "Grandma," and he says, "Jackie," I say, "Grandpa," and he says, "Jackie."  I look back like, WHAT?!?!?  He is tugging at his jacket saying, "Jackie! Jackie!"  LOL.

He has completed two weeks in his classroom at school.  He truly enjoys it.  He cries every morning as I leave him.  He gives me the BEST smile and hug in the world when I come to pick him up.

He expects to watch "Elmo's Christmas Countdown" every morning before school (tough to do, but I need some time to get ready, so he watches it from 5:30-6:00).

He and the cats are best buds.  He disciplines them regularly as well, pointing his finger and telling them, "NO!" and "Stop!"

He has received two haircuts from his Uncle Jermaine and is just the cutest!

He loves to have company, although his behavior can be quite unpredictable when we do have guests over.  Grandma and Grandpa are his favorites to see along with his cousins and his buddies from GLA.

When he wakes in the night and comes to my room he goes right to his bed that is beside my bed.  I am just amazed at his adjustment sleeping wise.  He is comfortable and secure.

He LOVES his bath time.  I think the laying in the tub up to his eye balls started from being so tired from his day at school but now this is a nightly tradition.  He lays flat down and is unaffected by the water creeping close to his eyes, nose and mouth!  He picks bath toys up with his feet and listens to the sound under the water as well as above.

As far as English on his own, he is saying "Eat," "Please, Mommy," "I love you," "Kitties," "I want...." "Banana," "Elmo," "Jesus," "Amen," "Bunny," "Stop," "What," "All done," "Wait," "Baby," "Water," "Monkey," Bye-Bye," "Hi," "Hello," "Ball," "Hot," "Snow," "Yummy," "Icky,"......can't wait to see what the next month holds!  I am sure there are more words than this, but this is a good list for now!"

Today we went to the Santa Brunch at his school.  I showed him a picture of Santa before we went.  He said, "JESUS!" Ha, ha.  We sat in the lunchroom and it was so fun to see how his table behavior has changed in two months!  At his school the kids sit at tables for meals with open top cups and plates of food.  He sat there today and ate his breakfast with no issues!  Tonight we went out to eat and for the first time I did not put him in a high chair and no bib.  He has GROWN so much!!!!

This child of mine cleans up after himself.  He shovels with and for me (SO cute, he really shovels!) He helps me load the washer and dryer.  He can get in and out of the car and carseat by himself.  When he is done with the bath he tells me so, opens the drain and cleans up all of the toys. :-)  He tolerates getting his hair brushed now.  He told me, "I love you," without me saying it first!  He is STRONGER than any little child I have ever known and I just can't wait to see what he will do athletically with this body of his!  When I lotion him up at night and get to his hands he squeezes my hands SO hard that I know I will be able to teach him how to massage and he will someday rub his mommy's hands, feet and back! (here's hoping!)

He loves play doh, cars, Elmo, books, balls, shoes, balloons, and the list goes on. He does NOT like hats or mittens! He also STOPS dead in his tracks every time we get ready to leave the house now and this is due to the cold he feels.  Today he stopped, looked at me and said, "Bye bye" and turned around as if he was staying home alone! His laughter is contagious and he is known to mimic the laughter of particular the laughter of someone an aisle over in has happened many times.  He also mimics coughs and sneezes.

There is so much more to be told.  I will stop here for tonight.  One more week of school for us both before we get two solid weeks together!  I look forward to Christmas with him.  I thank you for your continued prayers.  It seems he has been mine forever.  I cannot believe it has been just two months!  Have a blessed end of 2013!

Sunday, December 1, 2013


Well, the day is actually here.  Tomorrow morning marks 7 weeks home and Mack and I will get in the car together at 6:30 am and I will drop him off at the child development center he will attend.  I spent much time looking for just the right place and spent much time in prayer over this.  We have visited and he has participated in the class 5 times.  The kids know him by name as do the teachers.  He is not speaking much English yet it will be exciting to see how he develops in that way as well as so many other ways over the next 15 days of class before we have 2 weeks off for Christmas and New Years.

I can't believe this day is here.  I know in my heart that leaving him in the morning is going to be so hard on both of us.  He does not do well at all with good byes.  I have decided I will tell him I will see him later and that I will be back.  Once he gets over the initial shock of us not being together he is going to love it.

I have to figure out how to prepare for school?!?!  May not be able to do that in the evenings and on weekends anymore but rather actually find a way to use my prep to plan!

I wish I had time to write down all of the ways he has been growing....but to be brief, he is growing, thriving, learning, adjusting, attaching...I am going to sleep early!  Good Night and thanks for your prayers!!!
Fun with Grandma last week while I was at school!

Celebrating at MOA after we made it through our first 2 days apart...goodness whatever shall we do this Friday?!?
Visiting with another friend from GLA who is now in MN!

First haircut w/ Uncle Jermaine

Looking sharp

Selfie with Mommy

Ready for bed!

He loved Watermelon!

Naptime before Thanksgiving dinner

Hanging out under the trees at Grandpa's tree lot

He is so comfortable at it when he smiles!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Going, Going, Gone......

And just like that, 46 days have passed.  Forty-six days ago there was a little boy in Haiti that I spent 3 days with.  I fell deeper and deeper in love with him as the days and months wore on.  I waited, waited and waited some more for the day to come when I could go and bring him home.  Who was I to him?  No one really.  He did not know me.  I know God was doing a work in each of us separately as He prepared to bring us together as a family, but truly I did not know this little boy of mine and he did not know me.

We have had 46 days to get to know each other.  We have had a wonderful 46 days. Some days were hard.  Some were full of silliness.  Today....boy, I have all sorts of conflicting emotions going on inside of me.  So many people have months and months at home with their kids.  Some are always home.  God knew way back in August of 2011 as I began this process and he started to weave together my family that I would have limited time away from work.  He knew this when he was preparing the children that he would bless me with to parent.  Rather than be sad today, I trust that the Lord has this all in His hands and He has plenty of work for me to do from 7-3 each day with my 5th grade students. My little boy is going to be more than ok!  He gets to spend two days with Grandma and then beginning next week he will be in school from 7-3 where I am sure he will grow leaps and bounds more than he would with just me at home!  He will be with 3 teachers and 10 other kiddos what we have both grown to love over our 3 weeks of visits.

I am sure there is more to learn about each other, but we know each other now.  The smile he gives me now is not the smile he gave me 46 days ago.  When we look into each other's eyes, there is love, security and a bond.  I love him with all of my heart!  He makes me so proud!  Little things he does just make me thank God for blessing me with such a wonderful and special gift.  He is such a bundle of personality and I cannot wait to continue watching him grow as we begin to spend our days apart.

Pray for me!  Pray for him!  Pray for Grandma over the next two days!  Also pray for those 3 teachers and 10 others kids.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me!  I pray that before Christmas I will have some more exciting news to share with you!!!!  Have a blessed THANKSGIVING!!!!
My favorite little buddy in his class at school :-)

Sorting colored bears

Riding the bike at church...he thinks he's doing it all alone...thanks to his honorary big sis :-)

Popcorn with cousins

Donuts with friends from Haiti :-)


First trip to Barber Shop

First haircut in the USA

Mr. Personality

Being a cacoon with his cousin

All this playing tires me out!

Remembering Tyesha

A visit to her grave

A visit to Feed My Starving Children

He knew just what to do

Mommy made sure I got LOTS of sleep!!! Monkey did too!

This is the new addition to my room since I don't always stay in my bed...Mommy gives me a few chances but then she puts me in here....the cats like the new addition too.
Yep, today's nap was in this...I don't like this but sometimes it's what I have to do!
My backyard!  Cannot wait to see more lights around town!

I am not too sure about this cold!  Mommy caught me reading under all the covers.

Yep I'm under there. 

Our last day together before Mommy goes back to school.


Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Wow, one month.  31 days.  At the end of this first month my house looks tidy and all of the dirty laundry is currently being washed!  This is happening cause Mr. Mack refused his nap today and could barely keep his eyes open through the 5 o'clock hour!  So I have spent the last two hours cleaning, washing and it's just 7:55 pm! What shall I do all night?!?  Maybe sleep!

First carwash
In 31 days, a lot has changed in Mack's bedroom.  As of today, he is in his toddler bed and there are also bunk beds in his room :-)  He likes his room, which is mainly only used for sleeping, reading, and rocking in the chair.  He has slept in his own room for 8 nights now!  He sneaks into my room somewhere in the middle of the night and then stays laying down until I sit up (7 am....which will change to 5 am in a week and a half!) and at that point he babbles away something I cannot understand but I am sure it's something like, "Good morning Mommy!  I slept great and I am ready for the day!"  He always has a huge smile on his face and he can't wait for me to get out of bed.

Current configuration in his room.

He loves his cats and my day 31 they generally love him.  He loves baths.  He loves lasagna and he loves gummy vitamins!  He also LOVES Avery!  This month he has enjoyed his time with his cousins, his auntie Amy, Grandma and Grandpa and his two buddies from GLA.  He also has visited the school he will be attending and he loved that!  We will visit on Fridays until he starts full time.
He wanted all of the lasagna that was left from when my aunt made it.  He ate most of that too!
Jumping on a really awesome jumpy thing with his GLA buddy.
First visit to school

Busy boy
He has 4 days left of his icky, icky medicine that causes lots of drama each time I take it out of the fridge.  He declares, "NO!" and then finds somewhere to hide.  It is tricky to get it into his mouth but once I do he gives the most pitiful look and even though I am the one administering the ickiness, he just wants to snuggle after it's gone down.  I cannot wait til the 4 days are over and I pray that he needs no more of this medicine EVER again!

First visit to the MN zoo
He continues to love shoes and is so frustrated that he does not know how to put them on by himself.  Baby steps buddy.  He put his pants on by himself today and then proceeded to hop around the house as his legs were in one pants leg!

Playing the piano with his new friend at church.
Today was a VERY hard day....BUT, these past two weeks have been so much smoother than the first two weeks!  During those weeks it was hard to see the next day.  After a couple of weeks pass, he fell into the routine of things and just seemed so much more comfortable.  I no longer have to carry him everywhere with me.  I still carry him quite a bit, but I am able to go from room to room without him needing to be stuck to me, which is good.  We can be in the same room doing different things now.  I can even run upstairs once in a while to grab something, assuring him that "Mommy will be right back!"

I am thinking he misses his crib and all his buddies at GLA :-)

My mom has watched him a couple of times so that we can see how he does when I leave and then return and he is doing well.  He does not want me to leave...once I leave he plays and enjoys himself...when I return he is very happy to see me :-).

He cannot stand the sun coming in the car windows but he also cannot keep his hands off the window shade and pulls it right off so these sunglasses were the ticket!  

We went to vote for mayor and he got his first I VOTED sticker :-)

Book time with Grandpa

Getting love from Grandma :-)

Reading to Mommy
He is not voluntarily speaking any English yet except for "ALL DONE" which he tells me all day long...after eating, when we're driving, when we are visiting somewhere, and when he is in a time out, lol.    He continues to speak a lot of Creole throughout the day.  He understands almost everything I say to him and this is evidenced by him following directions I give him like, "Go sit on the couch," "Go to the back door and get your vest," and "Take your coat and boots off and put them away."  He does all of the things I ask him to do in English.  It will be exciting to see his English take off and I believe this will happen quickly once he is in school with 9 other kids all day.

He loves this buddy from GLA so much!

He went to his first airport party this week and we made a big event out of it.  I woke him up at 9pm which he thought was just crazy and then we went to pick up my friend and her daughter who is Mack's buddy from GLA.  We then went to the airport to welcome home another little guy from GLA who is now in Minnesota!  It was fun to see Mack at the airport.  I wondered what his mind remembered of the night he came home.  The two were so excited, expectantly watching the glass doors for their friend to come out:-)
Time to go to the airport buddy!
Now we are excited!
Watching for Trey to come down!

He of course cannot comprehend what Thanksgiving or Christmas are gonna be like but I am so excited he is home for these holidays!  We have been listening to Christmas music all week and Friday the tree in the back yard will be covered in lights!  He loved the snow on the one day we had it and he pulls the sled around the grass now.  The 50 degree weather right now is fine with me!

Thanks for all of your prayers!  There of course is so much more to tell about this first month but I will end it here.  Eleven more days home with him before I head back to school.