Monday, April 14, 2014

6 months home!

Wow!  Half a year!  The biggest thing I have noticed lately is his manners and his imagination!  He will be in the car and call to me, "Look mommy, he's sleeping!"  He points to his water bottle that is rocking inside of his hat.  Today we got back in the car from shopping and his doggie was on the floor of the car.  He was mortified!  "OH doggie!  Oh no!  Oh baby!"  He picks the doggie up and proceeds to hold him, pat his back and kiss him.  This kid is a comforter and he definitely has empathy locked in!  Just now he needed his stuffed kitty to go poopy and then he was trying to teach him to stand up.  Yesterday he was playing with two refrigerator magnets only the magnets represented two friends and they were talking to each other and such. :-)

This morning in church he was sitting on my lap and clapping his hands during worship.  He got a little carried away with it and hit me in the face.  Instantly he looks at me and says, "Sorry mommy." He also says, "Mesi Mommy," right away.  He will not say THANK YOU.  He knows how to and he prefers the Creole, "Mesi." :-)

One of his daily passtimes is to name off EVERYONE he knows!  He does this by going, "Avery! um, um, JoJo, um, um, Amourah, um, um, Ms. Willie, um, um...." until he has named literally everyone :-)

I dread the day he truly gets a phone, lol, but this is one of the many things he "needs" these days!  He has great conversations on the phone (with no one on the other end).  He also needs candy, a doggie and Daniel Tiger quite often.

He has been taking gymnastics for about a month and loves it.  He also continues to love basketball, soccer and baseball.

He can zip his coat and anything else on his own.  He puts his own shoes on.  Anytime he does one of these things he exclaims, "I did it!  Good job!"  Yesterday he chose his own clothes which consisted of navy sweat pant shorts, socks, gray Jordan's, a bright green shirt with head phones on it along with a down red winter this we went on a car pants...just shorts...he was a sight.

He desperately wants to ride a bike but has not gotten the hang of the pedals.  He loves riding his scooter.  We are both excited about spring BUT I should stop stopping at every park he NEEDS to go to.  That is another thing he often needs, "Mommy, I need slide."  He loves to go on slides.

His eating has picked up quite a bit.  Tonight besides the macaroni and hotdogs, he also ate carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, peas and salmon!  I am so proud of him for this!  A healthy boy he shall be!

At 6 months home sleeping in his own room and bed is not an option and I have come to terms with that.  He sleeps in the toddler bed next to my bed.  He sleeps all night with the exception of sometimes calling my name a few time and when I say, "I'm here," or something like that there is not another peep.

He can point out colors when I say the names of them...he does not offer the color name on his own.  But I ask, "Where is purple?" and he gets it right most of the time.  He also clearly knows how to count forward and backwards from 10, but he does not do it on his own.  If I say a number he says the next number.  He does not seem to have a grasp of the alphabet but we are working on it.  He loves puzzles and books!  His favorite book is, "Good night, moon."

At bedtime most recently he needs a long hug, a kiss and then we need to touch thumbs that are in the good-job, thumbs up position.  He then says, "Good job!  Good boy!"  Not sure if this is coming from his preschool?  Maybe the give him thumbs up and say those phrases once he finally lays down and resolves to sleep/rest?!?  Sleep or rest at his school are still not the strong parts of his day.

For Spring Break we took a trip to Florida and he was in his element.  He loved the warmth.  He came alive in the pool and at the beach!  I saw faces and smiles that I had never seen him make before! It was a wonderful get away!  He was able to speak with some Haitian women while we are there and come to find out he understands Creole and was responding verbally.

Pray for us for this summer and next year.  We lose our spot in our child care if he does not go full time this summer and that just does not seem like a good plan to me.  I have nothing against the 4-5 year old room at his school.  It would be just fine.  He is on the roster to go to High 5 at my school next year which I would really love for him to do!  I would need 1/2 day childcare so this is the piece I need prayer for.  I am okay with 5 different people a week caring for him if necessary!  Each day would be a special day for him!  It would be short, just a few hours, until I can come for him.  I would love to arrive at school in the morning and have him go to his classroom.  It is a wonderful pre-kindergarten program!

I almost forgot, he can point out 7 states on the US map!  He knows Florida, Alaska, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Texas, Illinois and Minnesota.  He's got a great start on the 4th grade standard :-)

I am sure there is much more to tell but as he drifts off to sleep I shall look for some pictures to add and then get ready for the new week of school and Holy Week!  He is ALIVE!  I will not post this until tomorrow as it was 6 months ago on the 14th and a Monday at that, that he came home forever!