Sunday, May 20, 2012


On Saturday, May 19, this group of people came together to do as we are instructed by the Lord, to care for the orphan and the widow.

Lifesong for Orphans has a special project called "Both Hands," where a widow or widower is chosen.  The woman whose home we worked at was able to have time to think about what kinds of things she would like done.

The adults and youth pictured all gave or sent out letters to friends, family, teachers and coaches asking to be sponsored for this work project.  Any funds raised would go to help bring a child into a forever home from Haiti.

We had a wonderful day!  This day was shown to be full of rain all week until Saturday actually came.  It was warm and sunny.  Bushes and trees were trimmed down, weeds pulled, grass mowed, windows washed and lots of cotton from those beloved cottonwood trees (lol) raked, swept and bagged up.  Organization of materials kept in and around the yard was also done.  We didn't count the number of bundles of bound branches that were carried to the alley but it was A LOT!

No matter how much money comes in to assist with adoption costs, it was an absolute blessing serving and working with every person pictured.  It is a wonderful thing when the body of Christ comes together to get some work done....I have many more pictures but the uploading is taking too long right now, so I'll add them another time!  Thank you to everyone who helped!!!!

Keep praying!!!!

Adoption Timeline

Well, I just wanted to update on a couple of things.  If you look at my post called, "When will your child come home," there is a timeline of each step along the way and tentatively how long it will take.  I am not very far down the road at all when it comes to the Haiti side of things, because first off you have to be referred a child, and I do not yet have a referral.  After I do have a referral my dossier and the child's dossier (all of the paper work about each of us) will enter what is called IBESR, which is Haitian Social Services.

In April, a decision was made that was very wise on the part of the decision maker to close IBESR for a period of time to any new adoptions.  What this means is there are many, many people who are in the IBESR step and many have been there for a LONG time, like over a year!  So over the next month or two, the goal is to work through all of the families that are in IBESR now before accepting new families.  It is a very smart thing!  Although I would love to have been referred a child and to be in IBESR, the stalling right now doesn't really impact where I am in the hope and prayer is that my official referral will come through before new families are being accepted, which is expected to be end of July or early August.  I started the process last August.  My dossier arrived in Haiti last November.  The time since has been a time of waiting and praying.

Keep praying with me!!!  And when I have news I will share! It has been hard on me being asked quite often if there is any news or what is going on?!?!?  Believe me I will joyfully share when I am able about the little person who God will bring home to me in Minnesota!!!!