Friday, September 25, 2015


OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!  I was sitting on a bus, on my way to the zoo with my 5th graders when my phone dinged with an email.  Prior to going on my 2 week trip, I knew full well that it was taking people 6 months and even more than a year to exit IBESR after their trip.  It was a really discouraging thought to go and meet her and still be stuck in the "black hole" of IBESR for so long.

I open the email to find the miraculous news that after just a month and 9 days, IBESR had authorized the adoption!!!!!!  I was interviewed by IBESR on July 31 and on September 11, they had the papers ready and we could be out!  THIS IS A HUGE and incredibly FAST step that we just took here!!!!  Thank you JESUS!!!!! We are officially out of IBESR today, September 25!

What happens next is that our dossiers go to Parquet, then to Courts and after that time I will have the adoption decree and my Clara will have the last name KRAFT!  From there her passport is applied for, the adoption is finalized on the U.S. side of things and then her VISA!  We still have MONTHS to go here, but I was told to expect at least 4 months post Haiti trip in IBESR and God has cut that time in half!!!!!  Before we know it there will be a new Kraft!  Thank you so much for praying!  Keep it up!!!!!!  I see God is planning on doing amazing things in, through and for this little one and our family!  AMEN!