Monday, January 12, 2015

5 years ago....

It was more than 5 years ago that I felt God calling me to adopt from Haiti.  Five years ago today I was still 33.  I had two more years before I could adopt from Haiti.  Then January 12, 2010 came.  I thought adopting from Haiti was over for me.  I cried more tears than I can ever remember crying.  I had a hard time making it through some school days.  I could not peel myself away from CNN.  I could not stop watching it.  Today as I look at images like those in the link below it's difficult to hold back tears.

Since the earthquake hit 5 years ago, it's a bit hard to fathom what God has done with just me.  I am typing as I hear the deep breathing of my Haitian son in the bed next to me.  Five years ago today he was in the womb of his birth mother.  She lived in Cite Soleil.  I don't know the story.  I don't know where she was when the earthquake hit.  Cite Soleil is a slum in Port-au-Prince.  I cannot imagine being pregnant during a time like that or in a place such as that.  Seven months later he was born.  Then she died.  I don't know why.  I don't have the story for him.  But I do know that January 12, 2010 greatly impacted this little boys life and his future.

My heart hurts for Haiti today.  The anniversary of an unfathomably tragic day.  I pray for Haiti today.  Please do the same.