Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Introducing the newest KRAFT :-)

I have passed a big milestone in my adoption....I am out of COURTS, here is the message I received today:

Great news!  Mackenley's file is out of Courts!  This is where the civil court document and Act of Adoption have been created.  This means Mackenley has legally become your child and taken your family name of KRAFT.

YAY!!!!!  His middle name is not on his paperwork but his name will be Mackenley Earl Kraft (taking his grandpa's middle name!)  The next time I get news from GLA will be to tell me they have applied for his passport!!!


Thank you for your continued prayers and support!!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Who Will Sell A Box of Chocolate at Work/School

Hello ALL.  SO today I have been sitting around on this, my last kidless spring break, filling out grant applications and brainstorming fundraising ideas.  I have personalized a label for World's Finest Chocolate and in doing so, I need to order 25 boxes.  The candy bars would be the milk chocolate with almonds. (In order to get the other kinds I would need to order 100 boxes!)

So, before I actually place this order, I need to know if there are friends out there who would sell a box of 60 at work/school.  Candy bars are $1.  I would prefer for the box to be paid for up front ($60), this way you can take your time, and we don't have to keep coordinating to get $$$ to me! (That got a bit tricky with the bracelets.)

Upon making this order, I will have 1,500 candy bars which in the end would raise $750.  This would help out tremendously when it comes time to fly!  I have 7 more flights to pay for!!!!!  So, please, after reading, let me know by commenting on FB, the blog or emailing me as to if you would like to sell a box or two or three! (

I will also be selling these two items this spring and will have them available at our Adoption Garage Sale in June.
Bracelets are made in Haiti and are $8 and the coffee, also from Haiti is $12.

THANKS FOR READING AND SUPPORTING!  As always, if you would just like to GIVE and not buy anything, there is a paypal button on my blog.   Your donation will be tax deductible.  You can also give by check. 

Lifesong for Orphans
Kraft Adoption #2438
PO Box 40
202 N. Ford St.
Gridley, IL 61744


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I wish I had news...I just want to write :-)

Well, I know I don't have one of the most popular blogs out there...millions are not reading it every day, but this aspect of blogging is pretty cool.  These are not all of the countries on my list, but are the top 10.  There is nothing identifiable about the readers except the country they are in when they read my blog.  There are a few blogs that I check DAILY that belong to people I did not even know 1 year ago! I really do wonder who some of these people are :-)  The number stands for page views, not people...Poland?!?  Latvia?!?  Kendra....would Russia be you?  Even though you are in the Ukraine?  I suppose I know who France is....:-) Hi Kathryn!  That couldn't all be you, so who else do I know in France?!?  Germany?!?!  No Idea!  Anyways, once I have any news to share concerning either of my adoptions from Haiti, I will be sure to blog.  For now I am actually really enjoying my Spring Break.  Twins Game yesterday, Feed My Starving Children today....good time to relax and rest!  Have a blessed day!