Friday, May 31, 2013

May 2013 Update

Hi Mommy!!

I have had a great month this May.  I have enjoyed my days in the nursery playing with my friends and nannies and have spent some time on the balcony playing in the pool or in the plastic car.  I love to ride around in the car.  I feel like a grown up traveling from one place to another. The volunteers painted my hands and feet and put them on paper for you to have when you come and pick me up.  It felt strange to have the paint on my hands and feet and I was unsure about having them do it but I think they turned out very well.  Thank you for the fun gifts that you sent for me this month.  I got to open them when Susie took my pictures and is sending them to you here.  I love the treats and wanted to taste them as soon as I saw them.  It was fun to see the pictures and I enjoy looking at them each day.  I love to play with all the things in my box of toys.  I always put the hat on each time I am on the balcony.  I even like to invite my friends to sit with me and play. 
I am so excited for the day that you get to come and pick me up to come and I get to live with you.  I love you so much!
Your baby boy, M

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Adoption #2

My dossier arrived at God's Littlest Angels in Haiti on Monday at 4 pm. There are the same 15 steps to wait through as kiddo #1. If my 2nd adoption is under the new law then I will enter the big step of IBESR first and then receive a referral of child, whereas with #1 I received the the referral and then went into IBESR. Praying for God'd grace and perfect timing for both adoptions. Praying the His hand stay firm upon all of the paperwork and that HIS arms stay wrapped around both of my children that they may know how loved and special they are.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

#2 will be on it's way!!!!

Well I worked my butt off when I got home from Haiti at the end of January.  I was finished with Dossier #2 by early March.  This dossier for kiddo #2 is NOT in Haiti yet as I had to wait for a form from the Dept. Of Homeland Security and Immigration to say that I could indeed adopt another child.  (I have actually been okayed for 2 more, just in case! Although this is not in my plan, but you never know).

My mail FINALLY came today!  My "Notice of Favorable Determination."  Now my dossier can go to Haiti.  Times with adoption in Haiti are VERY uncertain right now (maybe they always are.)  Please pray with me over this second adoption, that the HAND OF GOD would be in place EVERY step of the way and that things would happen in HIS timing!!!!

If you are interested, Saturday is Haitian Flag Day!!!!

M.O.I. - Passport Application!!!

YAHOOOOO!!!!!  Yesterday was a long awaited day for me!!! I exited Haitian courts on April 10.  After this point, Mr. M took on my last name.  The adoption decree was signed!  There were 3 steps in here where different entities needed to say that the signature on that decree was indeed the signature of the person who signed it......six weeks later I have moved into M.O.I.  This is the LAST step before the VISA is applied for.  In M.O.I. this happens:  The passport process actually involves a two step study of the application by the Minister of Interior’s office, and then finalization and printing at the Immigration Department.

One of these will soon have a cute little picture and the name Mackenley Kraft in it :-)
THEN the VISA!!!!

After the VISA is applied for there is a bit more waiting.  There will be a VISA interview and then I will get to GO GET HIM!!!!!!!  Thank you for your prayers!!!  Praying for a SUMMER trip to Haiti!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Adoption Garage Sale

When:  June 5-8
Where:  7273 Tartan Curve
Eden Prairie, MN  553456

We are still looking for people to donate items!!!!

What's for SALE:

Infant, Toddler, Children, Teen, Adult clothing

LOTS of Nike Air Force 1s (size 7Y or 8.5 W) $10 each
This shoe is for sale!


Cappucino Makers & other appliances

Baby items (swing, bouncer, etc)


Household items




NEW THINGS made with LOVE and by hand:

Baby & Toddler hats
Baby mittens
Dish towel hanger
Mug wraps
Wash cloths
Key Fobs & Flowers
Antique Silverware Art
Upcycled Capri Sun Bags
Haitian Bracelets
Repurposed Wool Quilts
Yard Art

Apparent Project Upcycled Haitian made bracelets $8

We will also have Haitian Coffee for sale $12 per bag

MARK Your calendar and we hope to see you there!!!!