Monday, February 18, 2013

Prayer Needs

Good morning and Happy President's Day (USA)  :-)  There are a few things I would like to ask prayer for.  First of all, the GLA Toddler House has suffered through the Chicken Pox over the past month or so and now the first case has come to the Main House.  The hope is to vaccinate all of the children 12 months and older today.  This will not eliminate the risk of getting the Chicken Pox, but it can lessen the severity of them.  It is heart breaking to think of the kids getting sick and being so uncomfortable and of course makes me want to be there, holding, hugging and comforting my kiddos!  I know the kids are in good hands and everything possible will be done to ease their discomfort.  I pray healing and health over all of the kids and adults in Jesus' name!

Secondly, the next couple of steps in the process deal with M's bio father being interviewed two times, one by the Haitian side of things and one by the US side of things.  Please pray over these interviews.   I do not know when the Haitian Parquet interview is, but the US interview is March 5.  Pray that his father is located on the day he is needed, with ID in hand.  I cannot imagine how hard this part of the process is for the people on ground in Haiti!  Finding people!  Praying for everyone involved when these dates come!

Finally, I have been home about 3 weeks and have been working hard on my second dossier.  Praying that things continue to go smoothly, that I get the documents needed and that financially I can save/raise/earn what is needed!

Thank you for your prayers!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Adoption #2 is the news.  Not too many details to give you, but yes, adoption #2 has begun.  I keep alluding to things I cannot share, and I still cannot.  My 2nd dossier has been a piece of cake (whatever that phrase means).  I have been home two weeks and have my entire dossier minus what needs to be done with my home study, finished.  I hope to have everything state authenticated, translated to French, approved by the Haitian Consulate and then sent off to Haiti by the end of March.  Then whenever it can be known I will give more details as to who my 2nd child will be.  I will now get 3 more trips to Haiti, which I am thrilled about!  While in bed one night in Haiti, I got very sad thinking I only had one trip left, to pick M up (beyond bringing him back to visit some day).  Now I will have 3 more trips within the next 2 years.  Please keep me in prayer as well as the children the Lord is giving me to mother.  Pray for me as I raise/save money for a second adoption! This is why I post about key chains, garage sales and candy bars which I am ordering!  If you have any items you would like to donate to our BIG Adoption Sale scheduled for JUNE, let me know.  We don't have room to store anything until then but small items, big items, crafty items!   Just wanted to share this with you!  I am in AWE of God and what he is doing, HIS timing in everything and just how HE works!

Keychains/bag tags

My mom has been busy making these cute key chains!  I am using mine on my school bag and I want one for my suitcase (makes identifying my suitcase from others at the airport!)  Each one is taking about an hour to make!  She too needs to be busy doing something like me as we both miss Haiti and our little boy terribly!!!!!  There is a firm material in the center (not sure the name) and then fabric on both sides and buttons.

We are selling them for $2.  (I think they're worth more than that, but we'll sell them this way!)  If you're close we can meet up.  If you think people at your school or work would be interested, let me know!  If you live far away, I'll mail them to you!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

M's first reaction....

So here is a little video clip of the first time I saw M and he me.  The awkward, shy, "what's going on" period lasted about 10 minutes.  I wish I could know what his little brain was thinking!!!

It's been two weeks since coming home......IT IS NOT GETTING EASIER!!!!  I miss him SOOOOO much!