Saturday, February 22, 2014

Some News

Two years ago this week I was told about a little boy.  This little boy is a boy I had been called to pray for 5 months earlier.  It wasn't until 4 months into praying for him that it occurred to me, "What if?  What if I am to be his mother???"  I was told about this boy but I was not yet matched with this boy.  His paperwork was not complete.  They were working on it and they have continued to work on it for two year.

I pushed and pushed and pushed for this little guy!  I saw him twice.  I loved him as my own.  I enlisted LOTS and LOTS of people to pray for him. (I should add that he had no idea I wished to adopt him).

As a result of all that prayer and work something quite amazing happened!  I did not ultimately get matched with him to adopt him.  Even in the midst of all of this uncertainty, Haitian law also changed and it was not a guarantee that I would actually get matched with him.  If God willed it to be then I knew it would happen.  I received word last week that I needed to have a conference call with my adoption agency and the orphanage.

This little boy was going home!  Yes, my heart ached, briefly.  But more than an ache God gave me the most AMAZING peace I think I have ever known!  He told me, "You prayed and prayed and prayed!  You loved him with a mother's love!  You committed to him!  You were on your knees daily crying for him!  And your prayers have been answered.  He has a family.  His birth family!"  I thank God for allowing me to be a part of this process for him.  I will NEVER stop praying for him.  I pray even now that he and his family bond and attach and their love for each other grows.  I pray he is safe. I pray he is nourished and warm and happy!  More than anything I pray he knows and feels the LOVE of his HEAVENLY FATHER and that he knows HE is taking care of him.

I wondered about sharing a picture or two but feel it is best that I don't.

My paperwork has been in Haiti for nine months now and it is waiting to be matched with a child's paperwork.  Please continue to pray!  God news is yet to come!