Monday, November 12, 2012

Proverbs 25:25

 Finally hearing good news from a distant land is like a drink of cold water when you are dry and thirsty.

This verse was shared with me by a fellow adoptive parent.  I have read the verse before but it did not mean what it means to me now!  Each month I receive news from Haiti with new pictures of my little M.  I cannot tell you how good that news is!  I look forward to it ALL month!!!!

M got some news from a distant land last month.  Pictures were taken of him as he opened the gift I sent :-)

I sent him a book of pictures.  He sees himself on the cover :-)

He enjoyed the crayons and made a picture.

Oh how I cannot wait to sit and color with him!

Last week my mom and I put together Christmas gifts for M.  My heart's desire and prayer all day is that I will exit IBESR soon, that I will get this good news from Haiti and then be able to travel before Christmas!  We shall see!  Pray with me!!!!!

It wasn't easy deciding what to send him.  We picked out a MN Twins shirt...a couple books, cars, and candy canes!  I send a package and grandma and grandpa sent one too.   They will all arrive together and M will have good and super fun news from a cold and snowy land very far away.  I can't wait to see him with his new little things to play with when he has volunteer.
 Gifts from Mommy :-)

Please pray that I hear news soon.  I have been in IBESR just over 8 weeks.  It is time!  I pray for news this week!  Of course I pray HIS will be done.  I pray that HE, the way-maker, would make a way.  That my documents would be moved to the hands that would complete this step!!!  I will wait and be patient until then!