Saturday, July 11, 2015

New Law

So, there is a new law in Haiti....while parts of the process will be the same as with Mr. M, parts will be different.  The first time around my paper work got to Haiti and then 9 months later I had a referral.  At that point our paperwork entered IBESR (Haitian Social Services) together.  Three months later we exited that step and a month after that I was off to see Mack for 3 short days.  The steps following my trip with M and those following my trip with Miss C will be similar.

With her adoption, my paperwork entered IBESR alone, not matched with a child.  Just over two years after my paperwork arrived in Haiti and 19 months after entering IBESR, I was referred a child.  Under the new law I file my paperwork in Haiti at the US Embassy but also stay in Haiti for 15 days bonding with my daughter.  I have MANY feelings about bonding with someone for 15 days and then leaving but we'll save that for another time....

I have my flight booked and will leave for Haiti on July 19!  While in Haiti I will spend almost every day with C and will also be interviewed by IBESR.  When I come home from Haiti we will still be in IBESR.  They must approve me adopting her before we can move on.  At that point the steps are about the same as last time around.

ALREADY lets be praying her home as soon as is possible with God!!!!!