Friday, March 14, 2014


Wow, hard to believe in just 30 days he will have been home 1/2 a year! I believe I missed the 4 month post...but 5 months here we are!  He now talks up a storm!  Too many words for me to write here....but he knows how to say what he does and doesn't want.  He has said things like, "I want to go outside!" and "Mommy, eat your eggs!"  He can name colors and often points to the right color while naming it.  He loves the word PURPLE.
 At five months home he has a hefty appetite.  He is quick to tell me when he needs to eat!  Tonight he asked for more and more carrots at supper!  He loves french toast sticks and today he discovered that he likes tomatoes!

He is doing well in his preschool class although he naps very little so evening are often a challenge!  He is usually in bed between 6:30 and 7!  

At school he looks forward to seeing his teachers and friends every day. I know this mainly because he talks himself to sleep at night by going over their names over and over again.  Often I think he says phrases that that teacher must say a lot like, "Be nice! Miss Willie."  And "Excuse me.  Ms. Crystal.":-)

In school he has a FULL day of play and learning.  At this point in time I have been teaching after school so I pick him up an hour later to his dismay because they are always in the gym at this point and he hates to leave.  He has gotten very good at dribbling a full size basketball and he insists on practicing all by himself and will not share that ball, so this we need to work on!
We have begun the potty training path but not rigorously.  He uses the toilet regularly but I am not pushing it!  He loves to brush his teeth and hates to have his hair brushed/combed.  He has received MANY haircuts from his uncle Jermaine and now can sit in the chair for his haircut with me across the barber shop from him.

He talks about Grandma, Grandpa, Avery, JoJo and Jahlia EVERY DAY, always hoping to see them. He attended his first Timberwolves game and currently we are on the countdown to his second airplane ride to spend Spring Break in Florida!  He has almost survived the most brutal winter I believe he will ever have to endure.  He will be happy to be done with mittens and hats!  More great times to come!  We await news on who Mack's brother or sister will be!  Stay tuned!  Happy almost spring!