Thursday, November 26, 2015

Adoption Time Line

Dossier to Haiti - May 2013

Dossier submitted to IBESR - November 2013

Referral - July 2015

Socialization Trip - July 2015

Exit IBESR - September 25, 2015

Adoption Decree/Exit Courts - November 2, 2015


Passport printing - yet to come

I600 Approval - yet to come

VISA - Yet to come

Travel to bring her home - COMING IN 2016!!!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Give To The Max - A.K.A. give to the Mack's Sister's "Let's Get Her Home Fund!"

November 12 is "Give to the MAX" day, a day set aside to encourage people to give above and beyond what they normally do! The adoption process is a cycle of highs and lows, because every ti,e good news comes, then lots of money is needed almost immediately!  There may be some out there that have this kind of money at the ready, but I have a feeling most of the families adopting children do not!  I am grateful to non-profits like "Lifesong for Orphans" who allowed adoptive families to raise money during their adoptions, offering the giver a tax receipt (automatic if your gift is over $50 and by request if it is less.)

God has worked in some really miraculous ways during Miss C's adoption.  Steps that were taking 14 weeks or longer have taken 4 weeks!  Steps that have taken 4-12 months for others happened in less than 2 months for us!  With these miracles comes the big bills.  I know as miraculously as He is working through these steps to get her home, He will also provide financially!

Please consider giving this week to help cover the costs of flights!  When we get to that point, I will have 3 flights to book (and hopefully a 4th, for my mom to come along and help!)  Mack is saving eery penny he finds for his flight, then I have my own flight and Miss C's one way flight home.  I likely will have only a matter of days to book these flights which ends up being much more costly that usual! Thank you in advance for your prayerful consideration! If you choose to give, you can click the paypal link above and to the left.  If you wish to pay by check you can mail your check to:

Lifesong For Orphans
Kraft Adoption #3660
PO Box 40
202 N. Ford Street

Gridley, IL 61744

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Newest Kraft!

It is with great joy that I announce the news of an adoption decree for Miss C!  The steps past my July visit have been nothing short of miraculous.  I have prayed and asked God for a miracle of course, and these steps have been just that!  We have sailed through 3 big steps VERY quickly, much quicker than has been seen lately!  Thank you all so much for your prayers!

There are many more steps to go that involve applying for her passport and the U.S. side of things with immigration and her VISA.  When I got to this step with Mr. M., I felt like I was truly on the downward slide.  We then got STUCK for a very, very long time in what is called MOI.  Please, please continue to pray!  My mind keeps fast-forwarding.  I initially was told to not expect less than a year from my July trip.  I have been secretly (and not so secretly) hoping maybe the end of April or early May....then I would take my leave and not return to school this year.  At this point it is very possible it could be earlier than that!

Thank you Jesus for your miracles and moving mountains to bring my sweet girl home!