Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bondye Bon - God is Good

Necklace I purchased as a reminder to pray every day and to have something to touch and hold on to during this LONG, LONG process!

God called me to this!  He loves Haiti.  He knows who my child is.  He is in control of the timing.  He is GOOD, ALL THE TIME!  Amen!

No referral yet, thinking of my child

So, as I hear of things happening in Haiti recently, it hits me at a different level.  My paperwork is for a child between the ages of birth to 3, so the child is very young, and maybe these things won't have an effect.....but this week alone:

  • A 4.6 earthquake, knocking things off tables and rattling the orphanage.
  • Border closing between Haiti and Dominican due to violence towards Dominicans
  • Political unrest
I sit here and think how someday I will want my child to know the history of Haiti and events that happened during the short time he/she lived in Haiti......To be Haitian is to be STRONG!  The people of Haiti are over-comers!  God will not give us more than we can handle!  I know I could not handle what the Haitian people have been through!

Just some thoughts tonight....