Friday, December 28, 2012

December Update

What a GIFT and A LOT of work, considering how many kids are at GLA!!!  I am so grateful!  Love seeing my little guy over the past 2 years with this wonderful song by Audio Adrenaline made for little Haitian kings and Queens! I will cherish this video and he will too some day!

MOMMY will see you SOON!!!!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

I am OUT OF IBESR!!!!!

Expecting!  A couple of weeks ago a colleague asked me where I was in the process and I was explaining how ANY DAY I was waiting, hoping and praying to hear news of EXITING IBESR.  She said, "This is a long 'pregnancy' and you truly are expecting!"  Yes, I am expecting! There's just way more than 3 trimesters!!!

So, I have exited IBESR.  The next thing will be to go to HAITI!  My little guy will not be coming home just yet.  But I will meet him. Hug him. Play with him. I really just can't wait to LOOK at him!  To see him!  Thank you Lord!  I know I was getting impatient!  All I wanted for Christmas is this!  I know, I wanted it weeks ago, but as YOU and I talked this morning, this is in YOUR hands, in YOUR time and in YOUR will!  

Oh how I cannot wait to share a picture of my little guy and me together!!!!

Stay tuned, that will be January's post!!!!!

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Can you give at the end of this year?

As probably everyone knows, international adoption is a big expense!  At this point I am starting the round of renewing many things!  My home study expired last month and so I had to renew this which added big costs that were not in my initial costs.  Other unexpected expenses as well as the current needs are here or coming up!

If you look for places to give at the end of the year, please consider giving to my adoption from Haiti.  On the upper left hand side of my blog, there is a paypal option.  When you click that you will be brought to my Lifesong for Orphans account where giving is tax deductible.  I will also include the link below.  No gift is too small.  Please prayerfully consider.  I will also include the address for Lifesong if you would prefer to send a gift through the mail.

I pray with all my heart that I will be posting again SOON to announce that I am out of IBESR!  I awoke this morning after having a dream where I did get the news!  :-)  Even though it was a dream, I was filled with peace and joy and thankful to the Lord for such a dream!

Thank you all for your prayers, care and support!!!!

Lifesong for Orphans
Kraft Adoption 2438
PO Box 40
202 N. Ford Street
Gridley, IL  61744

Friday, December 14, 2012


Well as I know there are things weighing HEAVY on everyone's hearts and minds tonight...I think of M.  I hoped, prayed, expected to hear by today that I would be out of IBESR.  It has been 3 months.  I will keep hoping, praying and expecting.  I pray HIS will and HIS timing reign over this process.  Thank-you for praying and please continue to do so!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

All I want for Christmas....Take 2!

YIKES!  As I was looking at my post, I realized some of the text was hard to see and as I was editing it was deleted!  :-(  So, as I had just reread it, here goes the post again :-)

Ok, so now as I am writing this again, I am getting choked up...yep, tears coming, my heart is being squeezed as I look at those eyes and that smile....

So, CHRISTMAS....yes, I can't wait for it.  But I will wait!  And I will decorate, play music and of course put these FABULOUS pictures of my little boy around my house and share one with everyone else who loves him!  M will NOT be here this Christmas!  He will happily play in Haiti with all of his friends and wonderful GLA staff. He will be getting some gifts...and I can't wait to see him in a MINNESOTA Twins shirt (maybe sooner than that as I am going to send one with my friend who is going SOON to meet her daughter.)

Right now my paperwork and M's paperwork is in IBESR and I pray, hope and feel certain that it will be out of IBESR very soon, and this is "ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS!"  To be done with this step, even though there are so many more to come would keep me smiling and floating on Cloud 9 ALL MONTH LONG!

After this step comes a TRIP TO HAITI!!!!  A good friend of mine is going on her trip in just over a week and I believe this will be the last week for trips of offices and such close and people go on vacation for Christmas and New Years.  So I am not at all anticipating going to HAITI in 2012 (yes, that is what I had hoped for...but NO that is not what I am expecting now).

OH how I cannot wait to be holding this little dude in a picture to show you!!!!  I have suitcases packed already!  And last Christmas I had a suitcase packed too (upon putting summer clothes away, I packed a suitcase for Haiti...I was "new" and "young" to the adoption process and thought I would be traveling to HAITI soon!)  Now 12 months later, I trust and know it will be soon!  :-)

Here are some things that the WONDERFUL person who takes these pictures each month had to say about M (It get's overwhelming to keep records for all of my students at school, and there are WAY more kids at GLA than in my classroom....HATS off to the staff for making these pictures and updates possible....and yes, if you ask my students at school, on November 15 began to the countdown to new pics!  I received the update after school hours on Friday, so they will see his new pics Monday!)

This month we took hand and foot prints of all the kids at the Main House.  I do my best to have this done about every three months so you have an extra treasure to take home with you when you come and pick up M.   Each child reacts a differently to having their hands and feet painted and then pressed against the paper. The entire process intrigued M.  He enjoyed getting his hands and feet painted and stamping them on the paper.  He wanted to touch everything when his hands had paint on them as soon as he realized it would make marks on whatever he touched.  He was then allowed to just finger paint on paper for a little while.

M really does seem to be most happy and content when he is moving.  We had a volunteer who played guitar for the kids on the nursery balcony for a little while one morning and M just could not help himself from dancing.  The kids were suppose to be sitting nicely to listen but M could only sit for a few moments at a time and would pop up to move to the beat.  It was really sweet and fun to watch.  His nannies had a great time watching him groove as well. 

M weighs 22 pounds and is 31 inches tall (hmmmm that is 2'7")  :-)

I thank this Lord for this SEASON!  I thank HIM for this journey he has me on.  I cannot wait to hold this little tell him I LOVE tickle, kiss, and watch him laugh and dance!

Have a BLESSED 1st of December!  I know you will be hearing from me soon with a post "I AM OUT OF IBESR!"  Pray with me!!!!!